Sagio,   headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), is an investment adviser specialized in alternative investments. Sagio manages more than $100M in several hedge funds 
  (Sniper, and Longview) and managed accounts for an international clientele. Since inception in 2002 the group has provided annualized returns in excess of 25% for its clients
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   Sagio - Investor Services

Sagio Investments offers different ways to invest with the primary goal being to find an investment structure that fits the clients needs.

 Hedge Funds

Our funds have achieved outstanding performance levels for our investors . These funds are suited for investors that want a high leverage on their investment and may not suit all investors. Both funds provide monthly liquidity.

 Managed Accounts

The client chooses his own clearing bank and we receive authorization to trade for that account. With this structure the client has full access to the account with the benefit of full transparency and control over the positions. Normally the liquidity on a managed account is 24 hours. The individual risk characteristics can be customized to fit the client needs.

 Capital structures

The client can customize what type of return profile they need, including capital guarantee. The client invests an amount and is guaranteed, by a highly rated bank, to receive the initial investment back after 5 to 7 years as well as the upside of the underlying fund managed by Sagio Investments.
Prospectus and information on our structured notes is given upon demand. Please contact us.

Advisory and Research

Sagio's research team and expertise can be leveraged to provide our clients with unbiased advisory and research reports covering all aspects of equity valuation, investment advise and risk analysis